Sunday, 2 February 2014


When I thought of running LeJOG, the first thing I wanted to do was to research the kit needed to get me through 14 days self-supported (basically carrying everything I need to complete the run except fro food & water). I wanted to know what people were using, what's practical and most importantly what weighs the least while not breaking the bank.

I found you can easily spend £100 saving 100g if you want to go to extreme lengths. I'd like it light, but there comes a time when you have to decide whether it's really worth shaving that extra 30g for the price of a marathon entry, especially when you can remove the draw-cord and labels from a waterproof jacket and save 30g for £0.00.

The list below represents many, many hours of researching, reading blogs, conversations, re-reading, updating with new products and pinching other people's kit lists to produce something that I hope will work.

A late-June date was chosen to maximise both daylight and temperature in an attempt to reduce the need for extra layers and therefore extra weight. As it's (supposed to be) winter as I write this, I can't really take this lot for a road test but the plan is to spend several weekends in the Brecons to find & fix any weaknesses.

Only time and the weather gods will tell if this is adequate, but short of snow in June/July, I think I have most things covered:

Weight by Category:

Place Grm
Bag 377
Camping 1116
Clothing 904
Eating 205
Medical 814
Other 279
Tech 423
Water 157
Total 4,275

Item Detail:

Qty Item Grm Category… Place
1 Blue belt pouch 48 Bag Pack
1 Coloured bags for sorting kit 10 Bag Pack
1 Drybag - Rubble Sack 30 Bag Pack
1 Inov-8 Race Elite 24L 289 Bag Pack
1 Airbed Multimat Superlite Air 300 Camping Pack
1 Mozzy net 20 Camping Pack
1 Rab Bivi ultralight (Olive) 360 Camping Pack
1 SleepBag Omm Mt Raid 366 Camping Pack
10m String for clothesline / tarp 20 Camping Pack
1 Tarp 50 Camping Pack
1 Balaclava - Merino 40 Clothing Pack
1 Baselayer 170 Clothing Pack
1 HH leggings 155 Clothing Pack
1 Thin gloves 47 Clothing Pack
1 Trespass Wproof Jacket 300 Clothing Pack
1 Wproof Trousers 192 Clothing Pack
1 Alices Escapes Tech T 180 Clothing Wear
1 Cap & sunshade 75 Clothing Wear
1 DirtyGirl Gaiters 35 Clothing Wear
1 Hokas 700 Clothing Wear
1 Shorts 195 Clothing Wear
1 Sunglasses 25 Clothing Wear
2 Xbionic Socks 44 Clothing Wear
1 Knife 75 Eating Pack
1 Mini Lighter 20 Eating Pack
20 Electrolyte tablets 110 Eating Pack
1 Compeed patches 100 Medical Pack
1 Iodene 30 Medical Pack
1 Lipsyl 9 Medical Pack
1 Medikit (plasters, bandage tape, sml scissors, pills, iodene, pins) 50 Medical Pack
6 Plastic medikit gloves 5 Medical Pack
1 SkinSoSoft 100 Medical Pack
1 Sunscreen 100 Medical Pack
1 Talc 50 Medical Pack
1 Vaseline 100 Medical Pack
2 Wet wipes 100 Medical Pack
1 Zinc tape 10 Medical Pack
1 Cash, cards, etc 100 Other Pack
100 LeJOG business cards 129 Other Pack
1 Mini Soap Bar 50 Other Pack
4 AA batteries 92 Tech Pack
1 Mobile 96 Tech Pack
1 Headphones 12 Tech Pack
1 Socket charger 60 Tech Pack
1 USB (AA batt) Charger 24 Tech Pack
1 USB Cable 16 Tech Pack
2 Mobile waterproof bag 2 Tech Pack
3 Petzl spare AAA batts 36 Tech Pack
1 Petzl Tikka+ 85 Tech Pack
2 0.5L UltraAspire Bottles 120 Water Pack
1 Water Pur Straw 27 Water Pack
30 Water purification tablets 10 Water Pack

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