Saturday, 4 January 2014

Something going on around here..

Pain Time on Box Hill
 4 days in to 2014 and I've bagged 6 PBs from 5k to half marathon.

This was meant to be the post-Christmas get-back-to-training month. Not PBs.

Not that I'm complaining.

It probably has something to do with a conversation I had with Robbie Britton and Rebecca Cox on their latest (and very excellent) free training day on Box Hill.

You see my mistake for 2013 was that I believed to run ultras you had to mimic race conditions in your training. Go long and go slow. I at least managed to go slow and was working on the long bit.

Turns out I this was pretty much the wrong approach as both Robbie and Rebecca have achieved fantastic performances with speed & hills, and all on an average 40-50 miles per week. A real eye-opener given my 2013 training and mileage (and corresponding slow performances).

This is something I have now changed and seems to be working so far. Though the raft of PBs may also be due to recovery and muscle bounce-back from the Piece of String, the decrease in mileage is certainly giving me more energy and a fresher approach rather than grinding out training miles.

One thing is certain. After realising that I was on the wrong track, I've signed up with the local Athletic Club and am looking forward to some very short (200m - 1 mile) reps in sessions that are over in 90 minutes. Tops.

This new training routine is going to be e-a-s-y.
Or maybe not.

On another note, I tend not to be too hard on myself on long weekend runs, but do push hard in races. Another piece of info I took with me was "if you feel you can repeat the session the next day, you haven't pushed hard enough".

So to make sure I do my fair share of hard work and push myself adequately I've loaded up the race plan:

Sun 12-Jan-14 Tanners 30m
Sun 19-Jan-14 Thornbury Riverbank Rollick 9m
Sat 1-Mar-14 Green Man 46m
Sun 23-Mar-14 Wreckers 50m
Sat 26-Apr-14 Highland Fling 53m
Sat 10-May-14 K2B 40m
Sun 25-May-14 The Ox 34m
21-Jun to 5-Jul-14 LeJOG 840m
Sat 16-Aug-14 SVP 100k (date moved forward)
Sun 21-Sep-14 Cotswold Way 102m
Sun 12-Oct-14 Norfolk Coast 100k
Sat 15-Nov-14 Beacons Ultra 47m
Fri 5-Dec-14 The Hill 160m (qualification pending)

2014 is aimed at building the base for 16/16 in 15 (sub 16-min 5k and sub 16-hour 100 miles).

Well.. I don't believe in impossible.

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