Saturday, 23 November 2013

Follow the String

At 10:00 on Friday 29th Nov "The Worlds Most Pointless Race" starts. When it ends, nobody knows.

Not even the race director.   Yet.

You can track me live below, or watch paint dry. I know which I'd rather do.

As I have absolutely no chance of winning (and it is a fun run after all) I will be tweeting, blogging, doing pirouettes, running with poles in full compression gear, shouting phrases in German and generally doing as much as I can to annoy the RD.

If I get banned from the race after 63.583 hours, it's not a DNF in my book.(RD patience factor has been measured using social media bots since mission PoS began)

When you get bored of following an increasingly futile series of circles, you can read Sam's nutrition strategy for the race. There's also Mark Hines' excellent piece on the futility of calories, which I ignored.

My main fuel source will be a boatload of Snickers bars.
I like Snickers.
After that it's foraging for berries and fungi.

I may have also gone overboard on kit, but I'm not the one carrying my drop bag.. (see prior line on potential ban).

 "We gonna' rock it 'til the wheels fall off". Dr. Dr. E / Snoopy

See you all on Friday ;)

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