Saturday, 21 September 2013

*^&^$^%$ !! and a Piece of String

Since there are certain words that Twitter will not allow, I had to settle for a mild “*^&^$^%$ !!” to express my amazement that I’d been accepted for the Piece of String Fun Run this year. The reality is a Cheshire-cat grin that is in danger of requiring medical attention if it doesn’t subside soon.

Having read all the blogs, reports, twitter hashtag feeds and psychological analyses from the first running of this event, I’d (very cheekily) put in an entry without having competitively run anything more than 10k in the last.. ooh.. lots of years.

This was blagging at it’s blatant best and, as such schemes usually end, it was spotted and binned pretty much immediately. That and I only half-read the instructions. After all, I am a bloke. I don’t do instructions. A fact bourne out by the wonky Ikea furniture my wife kindly tolerates.

Fast-forward 5 months. After meeting James Adams (see previous blog) I hadn’t connected that he was the guy who, in conjunction with James Elson, put the PoS together. Despite my own foot-in-mouth syndrome my position in the race and obvious running talent persuaded him I was now an excellent candidate. That or the fluorescent Idiot shirt picked me out as an ideal PoS victim. 

OK, it was the shirt.

Now for something that has only been run once to date, it seems to have gained a fair amount of notoriety, as friends from the US of A and New Zealand have been sending their congratulations, telling me it’s been a topic of conversation in Ultra circles down there for a while. Franchise opportunity? Centurion  PoS Worldwide? ;)

So to the crunch. How long? 
a) Is the race?
b) Will I last?

The answer to both is a complete unknown. 
But hell, it’s going to be a barrel of laughs finding out. 


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