Saturday, 1 June 2013

At last - a training plan

Summer at last on the Cotswold Way
Been a month since my last blog, and just over 2 months since LeJOG was devised & training began.

So where are things now?

The training plan has been pulled together (mainly from googling "100-mile training plan" and fitting it between repeats of Top Gear). 

Handfull of 20+ mile runs done with few adverse effects (apart from the occasional need to walk sideways up the stairs when the quads give up).

New waterproof trainers purchased (though the joy of being out in public with shiny new shoos was slightly offset by a Quasimodo-style shuffle that developed from blisters appearing early on in a 10-miler).

Twitter fully engaged with @LeJOG_2014, Facebook profile tweaked, website updated and several other online media gizmos explored & discarded.

Route has been planned and daily campsites/wild camping spots researched (first stop off should be Gnome World).

Kit list made, items weighed, packed, unpacked, repacked, camped with and list binned (due to dawning realisation at 2am that none of it is waterproof and woefully inadequate in late-May "summer" temperatures). 

And only 13 months to go.
In the meantime I realised something to fill the remaining months may be in order, so bent the credit card a little on a few interim races. So far the list contains:

June               Cheltenham Circular Challenge 26mi
August           Dorset Doddle 32mi
September     StourValley Path 100km
October         WyeValley 50mi

The training plan is targeted towards to the SVP100, so the two prior races will be used as long training runs at pace. Unless the brain gets competitive. It does that sometimes. 
If brain does go loopy, the plan is to repair damage, reattach the legs and get back to normal asap. Or buy new legs.

On another note, Scot Jurek’s bio “Eat & Run” turned up this morning, so time to hit the garden, sit in the sun & have a motivational read.

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