Friday, 7 June 2013

It's Official.. I'm an Idiot

Today I joined the IRC

Having read the manifesto, and a magnificent haiku, I just had to.

I run on the trails
Blood flows in the pouring rain-
Rub some dirt on it

And now for the oath:

I, your name here, promise to do dumb things, have fun and laugh while running. 
I will always remember that I am an Idiot and never take myself or any event too seriously. 
I refuse to take the easy path. Ever.  
If I "DNF" it will be because I have NOTHING left to give or I'm dead.
*spins around 3 times and spits on the ground*

Deep down, there has always been that hidden acknowledgement of idiocy, muppetry or oddness that you believe sets you apart (but in reality is shared by a lot more people than you would think). Sometimes others see it, sometimes you recognise the symptoms. Sometimes you can control it, sometimes you just let that whole basket of crazy flood out.

That great idea to run up the nearest mountain, at 1am, with a total stranger after they throw you out of a local pub for trying to make crisp sandwiches just using ketchup & mustard.

Wearing camo gear to a comedy night, heckling the performers then shouting "you can't see me" when they try their putdowns.

Trying to get everyone in the KFC queue to do the Chicken Dance.
The more we embrace the idiocy, and the less we concern ourselves with toeing the line of "proper" behaviour, the greater freedom and happiness we will enjoy.

Join the revolution for a happy, idiotic future ;)

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