Sunday, 17 March 2013

Time to take up the trail again

The start of LeJOG

Loch Linnhe

I can't believe it's been 2.5 years since I cycled JOGLE in Sep 2010 !

Despite plenty of plans, other things seem to have got in the way - house purchase, change of job, too much overtime & too little walking. So..

I've been in contact with Garry Pennington who is walking the K2B back-to-back.. He's the uncle of Alice Pyne, a 17-year-old who sadly passed away on 12 January this year after fighting cancer for several years.

I've signed up for the race, starting at 5am on 11-May (!!), and will be raising funds for Alice's Escapes - a charity to provide holiday breaks for parents & children battling serious & terminal conditions. Alice was involved in setting up the charity herself, so it is her legacy.

Since I'm now building the walking mileage to around 100 a week and adding in a little light jogging, it seemed a perfect opportunity to grab the collection tin and get out on the road. So please spare a few shekels if you can.

Time for some planning on an end-to-end LeJOG walk - back later with a properly mad proposition.


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