Tuesday, 19 March 2013

So to the mad bit..

LeJog 2014 - From LeWheels to LeFeet

With the limited research I've been able to do on wikipedia and Runners World forums, it seems that a guy called Dan Driver from Exeter Uni set the unsupported record for running John o'Groats to Land's End between 7th and 24th July 2008, clocking up 850-900 miles in 17 days.

Google maps gives the shortest runable distance as 814 miles. On a 14 day schedule on this mileage means averaging 58.2 miles per day.

To give a bit of leeway for error and detours to good pubs, I'll be working on 875 miles / 62.5 mpd (my 2010 ride was 902 miles all-in).

There is no "official" record, just an article in the Exeter Express and comments on Dan's JustGiving Site. It seems that his record was self-supported (buying supplies) rather than unsupported (carrying everything you need including food & water purification kit). So given that pub lunches are allowed, I'll be giving this a go, though beer may have to wait until after LeJOG is complete.

I'm undecided on the timing for 2014 - as I completed JOGLE in late August and had pretty good weather, I'd be tempted to try that again. Plus it gives me plenty of training time. On the other hand it is 18 months away and I prefer short deadlines to concentrate the mind... so Sep 2014 may turn to Sep 2013, depending on training.

As for the logo - I guess it gets the message across. Brief, to-the-point, and pretty much an exact copy of the 2010 strapline too. Comments welcome though as this kind of thing is not my forte. Any graphic designers or photoshop wizards are very welcome to suggest improvements.

So there's the plan. I now have 100 "to do" and "to research" lists, and a shed load of training. But I do love a challenge..

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