Wednesday, 12 August 2015

NDW100 - Richard's Blog


This is my (ghost written) blog about the fun times I had on the North Downs Way this weekend.

Richard G

First, let me say that it was fantastically organised by the Centurian crew, and James, Nici, Gary, and the rest of the wacky crowd kept us entertained doing impressions, mimes and making balloon figures until it was time to go and play outside. The only thing that was missing was the clown, but someone said he'd double-booked as a sheep and was getting mild heat-stroke somewhere else.

The race was pretty awesome and had some hills. I set out strong and managed to keep the pace going, despite the heat.

I recently wrote:"I'm not generally one for posting up my race results but I am rather pleased at finishing 36th in the NDW 100 miler (actually 103 miles) in a time of 23:16. Thanks to Katherine for supporting me through the night." ..and I am pleased. It's a tough old course. In comparison another Richard ran the Thames Path 100 in about the same time and was in the 70s. Both in clothing style and position.

After Claire congratulated me on holding on to my position throughout the race I mentioned that "It was tough from beginning to end but physically I held it together until the last 14 where I had to slog it out."

Post-race I was feeling the usual downs..  "The result is worth it but at the moment I'm not sure I want to put myself through that again. Thanks for the support [Claire] - it really made a difference."

But now as the aches and pains are subsiding, I'm very happy to have run well, and to not have to write my own blog.

See you soon, and thanks to all the fantastic volunteers that helped and supported on the run.

Love and hugs,

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