Monday, 22 April 2013

Back on Track

Not too much distance this week, but I did finally drop in for a training session with Bristol&West AC, my first track training in 24 years (!) - the track is 200m from my front door but it's taken 8 months to get over there.

The session consisted of a few laps of the track, then 3 circuits of St George's park (including a reasonable hill) and a final 2x 1,000m burn-up. After my head reminding the rest of me that this was not a race, the legs refused to listen & I was left flat out seeing stars at the end. Funnily enough it wasn't the running that caused any problems but the stretching at the start.. I was left with adductors tighter than a badly-tuned banjo. Looks like I'll have to build some flexibility training into the routine.

Back on things LeJOG, I have been looking at kit options and especially where weight is concerned. Having hiked over to the Wye Valley this weekend with full camping kit, the extra weight made a flat 20mi a lot tougher than normal. Admittedly the pack was close on 60lbs, and I'm only planning on carrying a maximum of 20, but over 875mi every ounce will count.

So you want light kit? In the main, expect to pay at least double if not triple the price of cheaper non-brand alternatives. I quickly found there are many Ultra Running stores that cater for this market online, probably because there are huge margins on specialist gear. £160 for a vest-type pack, £200 for a waterproof 210g jacket/trousers. Ouch.

Modified mission - find light, decent but cheap alternatives. Time to take myself to the local sports & outdoor shops, or even break out the scissors, needle & thread. How hard can it be to make a decent backpack 8)

Next week the kit conundrum continues - Bivvi vs Hammock.

For now, a little humour...

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